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Stratégies Noire Nike Shox Oz Homme Blanche

Stratégies Noire Nike Shox Oz Homme Blanche

Habitat segregation is considered to favour the coexistence of sympatric Nike Shox Femme Soldes pine martens Martes martes and stone martens M. foina, the latter being displaced to agricultural and urbanised areas. Subsequent to the report of pine martens in cultivated areas of the western River Po plain (NW Italy), we reviewed all available information on the presence of this species in plain areas of northern Italy and, for two study areas, applied a non-invasive PCR-RFLP method for the identification of Martes species from faecal mtDNA.

A total of 24 pine marten records were collected, grouped in the western part of the River Po plain. The number of records showed an exponential increase from 1988 to 2007, the percentage of woods in a 10 km2 wide circular plot surrounding the Chaussures Nike Shox Rivalry Femme location of records being inversely correlated to its distance from the 300 m a.s.l. contour line. In the two study areas, 36 out of 119 “marten-like” faeces were assigned to the pine marten, whilst none belonged to the stone marten. In the best monitored area, the pine marten was present almost constantly.

Our Nike Shox Nz Marron results suggest that the pine marten is expanding its range to include cultivated areas which were previously considered a prerogative of the more synanthropic stone marten.

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